New Game: Jack

I once again set out to join the fun of Ludum Dare this time in it’s 34th instalment. The result is a relaxing and simple game about growing trees for your pleasure. The slightly refined post compo version is available on or the original ludum dare site. Get it here:   6 Kudos […]

Löve – What is Love? An Introduction

Since my old tutorials were made in 2010 it was time for an update. This is an updated tutorial on Löve. It assumes the Löve version 0.9.2 but a lot of this article might remain relevant to later versions. In the age of Gamemaker and Unity Löve still stands out as one of my favorite […]

Pico-8 Palette CLR for OSX

Pico-8 is an awesome fantasy console by lexaloffle. I really wanted to use the palette in other pixel art editors so I made a clr file, to be used with the standard color picker under OSX. How To Use: Download the pico8.clr Copy the file to ~/Library/Colors/ If you open your color picker (for example […]

Minipixel Style – A New Indie Aesthetic

Thinking about game design and art is one of my hobbies. And I admit it: I love pixel art. And the last couple of years were a renaissance of pixel art fueled by the indie boom and games like minecraft. And right as you think you have seen it all – a new style seems […]


Who is the real monster? The monster or its creator? Made for the compo in 48 hours. Almost no graphics created with a image editor. All I used were löve drawing functions. Play it here and let me know what you think. Features: Integral Alchemy Picking Transmutational Chain Fusing Procedural Kinetic Grimaces Aural Qualia   […]


Starting monday you can submit to MUDJAM on itch! MUDJAM accepts anything related to Multi User Dungeons, be it a tool, a small MUD experiment or anything else. Even if it is not finished you should submit – see it as a learning experience. MUDs might not be the most popular at the moment but […]

New Project | The resource Paradox

I am trying to do a devlog of sorts and in this first episode I want to talk a little bit about the project in general. I am working on this under the causacreations name together with Georg Hobmeier and our illustrator/artist. The project temporarily named “Minewars” is a small game about the problems of […]

Orcish Inn Pre-Alpha Available

Steven Colling has made the Pre-Alpha of Orcish Inn available. I am doing most of the sound effects and music for that game. Download the Pre-Alpha right now!   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

LD31: Starside Takeover

Made a small SHMUP for LD31. You can download the post compo version on   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Ludum Dare 31: Theme Ideas

Ludum Dare 31 begins tonight! I tried to come up for an idea for every Theme in the final voting round. After the End Point and Click Adventure: You end up in hell and you want to find out your cause of death. Artificial Life Multiplayer: ‘Guess who’-style game with generated faces. At first all […]