New Project | The resource Paradox

I am trying to do a devlog of sorts and in this first episode I want to talk a little bit about the project in general. I am working on this under the causacreations name together with Georg Hobmeier and our illustrator/artist. The project temporarily named “Minewars” is a small game about the problems of […]

Orcish Inn Pre-Alpha Available

Steven Colling has made the Pre-Alpha of Orcish Inn available. I am doing most of the sound effects and music for that game. Download the Pre-Alpha right now!   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Ludum Dare 31: Theme Ideas

Ludum Dare 31 begins tonight! I tried to come up for an idea for every Theme in the final voting round. After the End Point and Click Adventure: You end up in hell and you want to find out your cause of death. Artificial Life Multiplayer: ‘Guess who’-style game with generated faces. At first all […]

Performance: Tilemaps in Löve with spritebatch

A usual pattern in 2D games is the use of tilemaps. In Löve you can implement those in a variety of ways. In this article I want to compare tilemap implementations in Löve 0.9.1 using spritebatches. I will use this to create an ascii display. Timing I will use the following code to measure the […]


Orcish Inn is an orc tavern simulation game. You raise crops, brew beer, create your tavern and serve your orcish guests. My name is Steven Colling, I’m from Germany and I create this game on my own with the help of Tilmann ‘headchant’ Hars, who is responsible for sound effects and music. I enjoyed farming […]

Released: Totem’s Sound

After 12 month of work I finally finished Totem’s Sound! I am also happy to tell you that it is available for free to download. Head on over to to download a copy! It was a great journey for me and I want to thank for getting me on board for this one. […]

(Game-)ideas for the Apple Watch

I don’t know if I like this new device but it certainly can have some great uses. Most of these are small and based on the actuator in the watch. 1) Zitchtap: Play together with a friend anywhere. Everytime you see a dog(cat, or something) you tap your watch and get a point. 2) Clickwrist […]

Text Games: Short? Simple?

It kinda bothers me that a lot of the text based(tm) games today need to be short. But I don’t want (as in: I’m almost incapable to read!) to read a whole bunch of text so it must be broken up in very small pieces. In a conceptual artistic context like in climbing 208 feet […]

LD30: Annex Kharon

About The Annex Kharon got lost in the STYX-Sector. The guanxi teleportal network is our only hope to gain resources and new tech. Survive long enough to find a way home through one of these wormholes. Download The newest version will always be available at Originally made for Ludum Dare #30. (Download Compo Version […]

Ludum Dare #30: Final Round Ideas

Here are some quick game ideas for the LD final round themes: Alchemy Match-3 game with alchemical symbols, target: match to philosophers stone Another World Create planet resorts to welcome star travellers on there vacations. Break The Rules Not-game where you have to dance to arrythmic music. Chaos “Battle of the wizards”-style game but in […]