Ludum Dare #30: Final Round Ideas

Here are some quick game ideas for the LD final round themes:


Match-3 game with alchemical symbols, target: match to philosophers stone

Another World

Create planet resorts to welcome star travellers on there vacations.

Break The Rules

Not-game where you have to dance to arrythmic music.


“Battle of the wizards”-style game but in cyberspace with hackers

Choose A Path

Drunk Driving simulator

Connected Worlds

You want to make tea but the sugar is empty. Astroid-hike to your neighbors planet to ask for some

Day and Night

post-apocalyptic exploration in a desert, cold and warm balancing

Destroy The System

Android App: Everytime you drop your phone you get 100 Points, international leaderboards and local multiplayer

Don’t Stop Moving

Collect all 140 feet and battle against other feet-wearers

Do No Harm

FPS in \insert war here, twist: you are a pacifist


Blocks are people and can be commanded(flocking), built fortresses to protect


Gardening simulator


QWOP-style: wire different electronics

Lost In Space

Candybox/Populous crossover

No One Can See You

Puzzle Platformer with 2 modes: invisible and not invisible

Randomly Generated

CYOA Short Story generator

Strength In Numbers

Roguelike only with numbers instead of @

You’re Not Supposed To Be Here

Glitch-game where you have to get outside of a area

You Are Already Dead

Beach volleyball with angels in heaven

You Must Leave It Behind

Shopping-game where you have to choose between different items, example: something sustainable(long term, slower, more expensive) and something fun (short term, fast, cheaper), you then have to place the stuff in your house, which gets filled up, either way: you will just die in the end

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