Ludum Dare 31: Theme Ideas

Ludum Dare 31 begins tonight! I tried to come up for an idea for every Theme in the final voting round.

After the End

Point and Click Adventure: You end up in hell and you want to find out your cause of death.

Artificial Life

Multiplayer: ‘Guess who’-style game with generated faces. At first all character portraits look the same: plain and without any characteristics. Every round you can select one/a few character/s and give him a task to do in his life. This task shapes the look of the characters portrait.

Avoid the Light

You play ‘depression’ and try to kill your host during a long and dark winter night in scandinavia. Try to control the host by inserting evil thoughts into his routine. Time the thoughts right for multipliers. Make him avoid light to gain more strength.


Card Game: A deck building game where you are playing a country/state and your hand(=local economy) is partly open. Trade with other players to help your hand to synergize and grow. Winner is the player who has the largest economy when all playing cards are in hands.


You play Mother Hulda (Frau Holle) and need to create chaos snow patterns by combining and shaking an assortment of feather pillows. Each spring your doings will be judged by a jury of snowing-conaisseurs.

Color is Everything

Tetris with different colored sub-monoids that merge?

Death is Useful

Read medical files and turn off life support for the right patients.

Deep Space

Trivia game about space and wikipedia is allowed. but there is no sound in space. (and no text)

Deja vu

Speedrun Text adventure + dance pad/guitar hero game: recognize/learn patterns in the room descriptions to traverse them faster

End Where You Started

Screenwrapped(goes out one side, comes in the other) billard game.

Entire Game on One Screen

RPG: Huge, huge fantasy overworld map and you play a tiny, tiny pixel.

Everything Falls Apart

Sing at the right tone to break different glasses thrown at you by your angry neighbour.


Metroidvania with generated levels


Plattformer where you have to seperate the plattforms from a energy unit in order to use them.


OlliOlli-inspired: 2D-Motorcycle downhill stunts and racing

One Rule

Online-voting game(maybe using twitch?): every X minutes a new rule is introduced, can be selected from 4 four different rules. But the First rule is: The voters that voted against the winning vote are the peasants and the voters that voted for the winning vote are the lords.

Playing Both Sides

Asynchronous-Multiplayer: Turn based strategy game. Upload a game(=set of turns) to the database or play against one.

You Are Not Supposed To Be Here

Actionshooter game where you can walk only in walls.

You Can’t Stop

2D Physics game with drugs

SHMUP/Snowball Fight Simulator. Build a snowman by rolling snow. Use your rolled balls to fight off kids from the other team. Also, distract them while they build their snowman.

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