Burn The Boards – Background Information

Georg wrote a pretty interesting article about the development and background of the Burn The Boards project for Madewithunity: http://madewith.unity.com/stories/burn-boards-making-unpleasant-reality-immersive-gaming-experience-1. I was involved in the creation of the project and was part of the design team for it. The problems of electronic waste and the associated health risks of workers are a topic that interest […]

Ludum Dare #30: Final Round Ideas

Here are some quick game ideas for the LD final round themes: Alchemy Match-3 game with alchemical symbols, target: match to philosophers stone Another World Create planet resorts to welcome star travellers on there vacations. Break The Rules Not-game where you have to dance to arrythmic music. Chaos “Battle of the wizards”-style game but in […]